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Death Rattle and Other Dark Tales – Southern Gothic and Southern Horror: Website of Michael Potts, Writer

Death Rattle and Other Dark Tales

Amazon Bestseller in the Horror: Short Fiction Category!

Horror comes in many varieties, each one allowing us to taste terror as it creeps into our consciousness from different directions. Death Rattle and Other Dark Tales is the ultimate anthology of short stories ranging from the preternatural to the horrors of the creatures we are around the most: other human beings. You will find Lovecraftean horror, ghost stories, stories about creepy people who act on their creepiness, and six word stories to provide sudden shocks. They range in length from six-word stories and short-shorts to full-length short stories. Childhood fears come to life, and as you read they will haunt you in the darkness of night. There is an element of mystery along with the macabre in a good story, and you will find stories that not only frighten you, but which stick in your mind and force you to think long after you have read them. My hope is that both horror enthusiasts and the merely curious find fodder to feed their fears but also nourish their enjoyment. If you love to be scared, visit this book. You will find that you have come to the right place!

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Also available in Barnes & Noble, Kobo, scribd, and many other online booksellers and libraries.

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