Aerobics for the Mind

Remember when you were a child and incessantly asked your parents “Why?” You still had that childhood gift of wondering about everything from the simple “Why can’t I touch the stove eye when it’s red?” to the most profound questions people can ask “Why can’t I see God if He’s real?”

A common perception of philosophers is of the wizened old guru, sitting on a mountain top contemplating his navel; or worse, a stodgy, boring intellectual that everyone avoids at parties. But philosophy, at its best, is a joyous profession. Philosophers never stop wondering, why? They ask the most profound and universal questions: “Why am I here?” “Does life have a meaning?” “Is there a God?” “Do I have an immortal soul?” “What happens when I die?” Philosophers have the joy of re-living the wonder of a child.

Aerobics for the Mind: Practical Exercises in Philosophy that Anybody Can Do is a book for anyone who still has that unique, childlike sense of wonder.

Posted by nixmx